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Guitar Club offers a growing library of on-demand music videos and PDFs covering basic fundamentals of musicianship, as well as training in specific techniques, chords, scales and other key skills.  This will help you break through a rut, clear up any gaps in your playing, and broaden your knowledge of the guitar and music - helping you to achieve what you only previously imagined.  If you are diligent about learning and practicing, the possibilities are endless.  Imagine yourself playing and writing in ways you never thought possible.  You got this!


Guitar Club is a great resource for learning the fundamentals that are the cornerstone of playing and writing music in all genres.  The lessons are arranged by subject, making it easy to find the right lesson at the right time, based on your interests.  Your playing and artistry will grow as you develop and reinforce your technique, rhythm, chords, scales, and other core fundamentals, allowing you to easily learn your favorite songs and create your own music.  In addition, the Guitar Club resources will help you to enhance and strengthen the results you get from other guitar guru’s instruction (videos, programs, private lessons, Youtube tutorials, etc.).  In addition to the subject-oriented approach, there are general step-by-step learning paths to get you started.  Specific interest-based learning paths are also on the way!  Stay tuned!


Joining the Guitar Club Facebook group will give you access to an interactive community where you can ask and answer questions amongst fellow like-minded guitar players. 

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